Should I use Spinach?

Spinach is a very young software, if your business depends heavily on background tasks you should probably go with Celery or RQ.

That being said, Spinach relies on proven technologies (Redis, Python queues, thread pools…) and is heavily tested.

Threads are not enough, can I use Processes?

Threading is the only concurrency primitive however it is possible to run many processes each containing one worker thread. This will open more connections to Redis, but Redis is known to support thousands of concurrent connections so this should not be a problem.

The best approach to achieve this is to rely on an init system like systemd, supervisord or docker. The init system will be responsible for spawning the correct number of processes and making sure they are properly restarted if they terminate prematurely.

Writing this init system yourself in Python using the multiprocessing module is possible but it must not import your actual application using Spinach. This is because mixing threads and forks in a single interpreter is a minefield. Anyway you are probably better off using a battle tested init system.

What is the licence?

Spinach is released under the BSD license.